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“soap opera” is a laundry in Tel Aviv. The main branch of a laundry in Tel Aviv is located on main street Ibn Gvirol No. 168 in the city center,It was founded in 2000. The laundry has a reputation and experience of 18 years and is one of the most professional laundries in the city and one of the best known laundries among all Tel Aviv laundries.
There are dozens of laundries in Tel Aviv, but there is no laundry in Tel Aviv that works like “soap opera“,
We provides laundry services in Tel Aviv, responsible for collecting and returning to the customer’s house or business the clean laundry. The owners of the laundry are always at the service of the customers to help and solve any problem. Fairness is our guiding light and we provide courteous, professional, quick service and personal attention.
Courier service in Tel Aviv including collection and return the laundry no charge. Our courier service works according to exact schedules and even meets them, our customer comes first and we make sure that he does not stay for nothing in his home until the arrival of the messenger.
A laundry in Tel Aviv that is committed to service and quality
The laundry is committed to excellence in service and high quality.
Laundry customers in Tel Aviv come from all corners of the city, it serves a wide variety of types of customers:
Soldiers, young couples, tourists, bachelors who have not yet purchased a washing machine, families with children who do not meet the burden of household laundry, many retirees and more by a free delivery service.
The laundry in Tel Aviv provides laundry services in Tel Aviv to factories, institutions, restaurants and banquet halls.
Laundry services in Tel Aviv
Laundry services – fine, separation, color, boiling, etc., including drying and folding laundry
Dry Cleaning – Clothes, suits, jackets, down duvets, leather and suede details.
Carpet cleaning including pick-up and return

Cleaning the curtains – including dismantling and assembly at the customer’s house, express laundry service – from today to today
Free shipping service – in the relevant distribution areas.

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